How to Consider a Nerve Block for Your Chronic Pain

Are you suffering with chronic pain from last few months or years and struggling to perform your daily activities? Nerve block is the solution for you, it alleviates your discomfort from chronic pain.

Nerve blocks are the effective method for preventing, reducing, or managing the pain. They interrupt the pain around the body. This can produce either short-or long term relief from discomfort.

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What conditions can be treated with a nerve block?

A nerve block injection eases chronic pain that might originate from a long list of problems, including:

  1. Back pain because of herniated discs, spinal stenosis and other conditions
  2. Headaches
  3. Complex regional pain syndrome which can lead to burning pain or continuous throbbing

A nerve block doesn't really "fix" the condition causing your pain. It can, nonetheless, give a long time of relief, which is entirely important on its own.

Duration of your nerve block

A nerve block is certainly not a permanent solution; however, it can accomplish several objectives beyond providing near immediate relief from your pain.

Initially, when we administer your nerve block, we give your tissues and nerves the time and space to appropriately heal.

Second, by easing your pain, you can take steps to address the underlying reason for your distress, like physical therapy.

Third, it enables us to decide if you might require a more aggressive solution, like radiofrequency ablation or surgery.

It's difficult to say how long your nerve block will give relief as it relies on various factors like how long you've been in pain and the degree to which your nerve is compromised.

Getting a nerve block

When we recognize the nerve that is doubtlessly liable for the pain signalling, we use fluoroscopy (X-ray technology) to direct the needle into position. We then release the block and you're allowed to go home later.

You might feel some irritation or soreness at the site of the injection, and your results might be quick or slow as the steroids lessen the inflammation throughout the course of 7-10 days.

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