Epidural injections are a non-surgical treatment to help relieve pain that starts through the spine and radiates towards low back and leg pain. Doctors use epidural injections to relieve pain during and after surgery, as well as managing chronic pain. The epidural spinal injection in Hyderabad includes injections as anesthetics or anti-inflammatory medications. The injection directly goes within the epidural space which is just outside the membrane protecting the spinal cord and nerve root. That is the reason it is called an epidural injection. In most cases, this injection is recommended after failure of various non-surgical treatments as medication and physical therapy. It is also recommended in critical pregnancy delivery.

Dura-mat is a protective membrane that covers the spinal cord and nerve root in the spine. The space which surrounds the Dura-mat is epidural space. Nerves travel through the epidural space to the back and into the legs. Inflammation of these nerve roots may cause pain in these regions due to irritation from a damaged disc or contract in some way with the bony structure of the spine. An illustration shows many spinal structures including, the third and fourth lumbar (low back) vertebrae, spinal cord, subarachnoid space, and epidural space.

Epidural injections at spine hospitals in Hyderabad are given to control pain, improve mobility and function of the lower back and legs, and allow the patient to make progress with other comprehensive therapies.

A patient feels relief after half an hour of epidural injection and lasts for one week to one year varying from person to person.

The injection is always given by expert spine disorder specialist in Manikonda or surgeons as it is at the critical point near the nerve root. Doctors keep observation for 15 minutes to one hour after the injection and recommend taking rest for a day.

Dr. Prakash Gudipudi and Dr. Sudhakar Ledalla are pain management doctors. They use spinal injection therapy to relieve the pain in the spine of patients suffering for a long time(weeks or months).

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