An inflammatory injection targeted at a group of nerves or a single nerve that helps in pain relief is known as a nerve block. These are generally used by patients who suffer from issues like acute or chronic pain. Even though such pain is started from the spine but it also affects areas like the neck, arm, legs, buttocks, etc. A nerve block is used in suffering as

  1. Pain from labor
  2. Pain because of surgery like joint replacement
  3. Cancer-related pain
  4. Migraine
  5. Back pain or sciatica
  6. Arthritis pain
  7. Excessive sweating
  8. Pain due to spasms in blood vessel
  9. Neck pain due to herniated disks

In this treatment for Nerve block in Hyderabad, there is no special preparation required from the patient’s side. As in other pain relief injections here also patient needs to sleep face down. CT is used to confirm the proper location of needle insertion at a pained location. Some cases require more than one injection depending on the number of nerves affected.

The chronic nerve pain specialist in Hyderabad recommends patient take rest for 15 to 30 minutes till the injection starts its effect. This will provide relief for almost 3 to 6 weeks as after that they are absorbed by the body. In some cases, the relief can even be permanent. The nerve block injection benefits in

  1. It provides pain relief
  2. Helps the doctor to identify the reason for pain and hence helps in further treatment.
  3. Helps patient in easy movement and better ability to perform activities without causing pain

Consult Spinal nerve block disorder specialist in Hyderabad at chronic pain management Clinics in Hyderabad.

Dr. Prakash Gudipudi and Dr. Sudhakar Ledalla are experienced interventional pain management doctors who utilize the nerve blocks which is an effective and immediate way to prevent pain. They are used for a range of situations that include short and long-term pain management. We provide nerve block treatment at Manikonda, Dilsukhnagar, Gachibowli, Kondapur, and Hitec City

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