What is a facet joint injection?

A facet joint injection in Hyderabad is performed to treat neck and back pain in combination with other non-surgical spine treatments like rest, medications, chiropractic manipulations, and physical therapy.

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These injections are used to treat pain and to identify the painful joint(s). If an injection successfully treats the pain, it will confirm that a particular facet joint is causing the pain problem. The facet joints are found in the spine, where they connect the backbones and pair located at both sides of the vertebra in the neck. They allow the spine to bend and twist. Like a knee or hip, facet joints have cartilage between the bones and a fluid-filled capsule to allow for smooth movement. When damaged, facet joints can cause debilitating pain in the neck or back. This condition is known as Facet Syndrome. It may occur due to an injury, overuse, or the onset of an inflammatory condition.

  1. Facet joints of the spine
  2. Sacroiliac joint and coccyx
  3. Hip joint
  4. Shoulder, elbow, and hand
  5. Knee, ankle, and foot

A CT image or live X-ray is used to guide the face injection location. It is a small invasion procedure and is operated under local anesthesia. Generally, a sedative is not used during the process. The patient needs to lie face down during the procedure. The process takes fifteen to twenty minutes.

If the procedure shows the effect and relieves pain then the procedure is repeated three times within a year.

What are the precautions to be taken by a patient?

Immediately after the procedure

  1. A patient needs to rest for 30 minutes and then needs to do movements provoking pain. If pain is unbearable doctors will provide pain relief.

After a day

  1. Avoid heavy activities.
  2. Avoid drinking.
  3. Try to limit pain medicine.
  4. Week after injection
  5. Apply ice or cold pack at the injection area if uncomfortable
  6. Continue patient's regular pain medicine

A patient may consult a doctor about starting the physical therapy.

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