What is Slipped disc?

At the point when you have a prolapsed disc, a disc doesn't really slip. What happens is that piece of the inward smoother part of disc (the core pulposus) swells out (herniates) through a outer part of the disc. A prolapsed disc is here and known as a herniated plate. The bulging disc might push on neighboring structures like a nerve coming from the spinal cord. Some aggravation additionally develops around the prolapsed part of the disc.

Any disc in the spine can prolapse. In any case, most prolapsed discs happen in the lumbar part of the spine (lower back). The size of the prolapse can change. Generally speaking, the bigger the prolapse, the more serious the indications are probably going to be.

What are the Symptoms of a slipped disc?

  1. Back pain
  2. Sciatic pain or sciatica
  3. Other nerve root indications
  4. Cauda equina disorder

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What are the treatment of slipped circle and sciatic pain?

Exercise and keep going

Keep exercising and continue with daily activities as possible. This may not be possible from the outset if the aggravation is exceptionally awful. However, move around as soon as possible, and get back into the normal activities when you are able.


If you require painkillers, it is ideal to take them routinely. This is superior to taking them once in a while exactly when the aggravation is extremely awful.

  1. Paracetamol is frequently adequate on the off chance that you take it regularly at full strength. For an adult, this is 1000 mg, four times each day.
  2. Anti-inflammatory painkillers. Certain individuals track down that this work better compared to paracetamol.
  3. A more grounded painkiller, for example, codeine is a choice if anti-inflammatory don’t suit or don’t function well.
  4. A muscle relaxant such as diazepam is sometimes prescribed for a few days if the back muscles become very tense and make the pain worse.

Spinal Injections

Injections can be done at best hospital for disc problems in Hyderabad into the opening along the edge of the spine where a nerve root exits.

Ozone Discectomy (Ozonucleolysis):

Injection of Ozone-Oxygen combination into the disc is another elective strategy to treat patients experiencing back and leg pain (sciatica) brought about by disc prolapse.

Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency ablation (or RFA) is a strategy done by best spine doctors in Manikonda used to decrease the pain. An electrical flow delivered by a radio wave is utilized to warm up a small space of nerve tissue, in this manner diminishing pain signals from that particular region.


The aim of a medical procedure is to remove the prolapsed disc part. This regularly facilitates indications.

Dr. Prakash Gudipudi and Dr. Mohan Erva are pain management doctors who can help in directing your care in a stepwise and safe manner. If you are in need of a pain management doctor, consult the interventional pain physician who can provide you an option of different treatments.

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