Knee pain has become a common medical complaint for both women and men, and like other joint issues, it’s a complaint that turns out to be more common as we age. Pain and stiffness are likewise common among athletes and others who take part in physical activity that relies heavily upon their knees.

There was a time when chronic knee pain meant you had two choices: live with it or go through knee replacement surgery. Thankfully, today different choices can ease excruciating symptoms and further improve the manner in which your knees function.

We offer PRP treatment to patients with many kinds of knee problems, including osteoarthritis, one of the most pervasive reasons for pain. If you have pain in your knees, this is how PRP could help.

Basics OF PRP

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, a blood product that contains higher-than-normal concentrations of platelets. Platelets are one of the essential components of blood that play a huge role in tissue healing. Plasma is the liquid part of blood.

During PRP treatment at chronic joint pain hospitals in Hyderabad, PRP is created from a sample of your own blood that removes the risks connected with any immune or allergic reaction. When the PRP is injected into an injury site, tiny proteins called as growth factors activate natural healing responses in restoring the damaged joint tissue.

PRP is utilized in combination with different treatments to stay away from or defer extensive treatments, similar to joint replacement surgery. It can likewise be utilized to prevent additional damage to the joint and spur healing after surgeries. Consult DR. SUDHAKAR LEDALLA at pain clinics in Dilsukhnagar.

PRP and your Knees

PRP is essentially used to treat symptoms of knee arthritis or a condition known as osteochondral defect. Both of these issues include damage to the cartilage layer of the joint.

Healthy cartilage prevents friction and inflammation within the joint. Yet, if the cartilage is damaged by wear and tear of injury, you can encounter pain, stiffness, swelling, and minimised scope of movement in the joint.

PRP treatment is utilized in stimulating the growth and development of new, healthy cartilage in replacing the cartilage that has been damaged. Treatment is performed by DR. PRAKASH GUDIPUDI right in the best PRP therapy centers in Hyderabad, from taking the blood sample through the PRP injection process.

After your injections, you will have to avoid persistent activities for about 2 weeks to permit the PRP to "go to work”. Different activities can be continued within a couple of days in most cases.

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