Conditions That PRP Therapy Can Treat

PRP therapy is not a miracle procedure that heals every injury. Instead, Interventional pain physician in Hyderabad use it to target specific types of injuries and illnesses.

Tendonitis or Chronic tendon injuries

One of the most well-known and most effective uses of PRP treatment is to treat tendon injuries caused by repetitive movement (for instance, tennis elbow or torn rotator cuffs). These kinds of injuries can be challenging to heal, due to repeated aggravation but also due to the tendons can be poor. PRP helps concentrate the healing platelet cells at the site of the tear so the tissues can recover all the more quickly.

Ligament and muscle injuries

PRP therapy is also an effective tool for treating acute injuries of muscles and ligaments — for instance, pulled hamstrings, plantar fasciitis, sprains or pulled thigh muscles. Early tearing of the tendon may likewise fall into this category. PRP speeds up the natural healing process with the help of platelet concentration up to 10 times what the body usually produces on its own.


PRP therapies can attempt to slow or stop the advancement of osteoarthritis also known as chronic degenerative joint disease. (PRP has proven to be in knee and hip joints, yet also in shoulders and ankles.) The injections can decrease inflammation at the joints, allow more lubrication and in some cases, even enable new cartilage to grow.

Nerve damage and Injury

Numerous neurosurgeons are choosing PRP treatment as a treatment for different nerve injuries in the peripheral nervous system, like sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and similar injuries. The treatment proves to be effective in regenerating nerve tissues, decreasing pain and restoring the proper function.

Non-healing Wounds

For open wounds that are not healing as expected, PRP treatment can be helpful for carrying a higher concentration of platelets to the wound site, battling infection and encouraging coagulation.

Back and Spine Conditions

PRP is being utilized increasingly more to treat specific injuries and pain toward the back and spine regions. These include treatment of sacroiliac joints, facet joints, herniated discs and more. Plasma injections in these regions can decrease pain and inflammation and promote healing of the tissues, and in many situations, prevent the need for surgery.

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