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Are you struggling with chronic knee pain? You need not keep on worrying to have long hours surgeries and then prolonged recovery. Cooled Radio frequency is the treatment which has recently been available in India. It’s another substitute for people suffering with chronic knee pain secondary to different reasons like degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis and persistent pain after knee replacement. Cooled Radio frequency in Hyderabad at Best pain management Center in Manikonda provides an effective and safe non-surgical, minimally invasive alternative to knee replacement for patients who are not strong to undergo surgery, not suitable for surgery because of other medical issues or have persist pain after the knee replacement.

It is a day care procedure done under local anesthesia. This strategy can likewise be utilized for sacroiliac joint pain as in patients with ankylosing spondylitis and for low back pain supplementary to facet joint inflammation.

Let's see how Cooled Radiofrequency at best chronic pain management centers in Hyderabad works on chronic knee pain.

Knee joint is provided by branches from many nerves and these are addressed to as genicular nerves. The aim of Cooled Radiofrequency at best knee pain management hospitals in Hyderabad is to diminish the aggravation signals that are transmitted by the nerves to the brain. This is accomplished by warming up a small region of the nerve utilizing the electric current delivered by radio waves. The procedure includes putting needles near these nerves under x-ray or ultrasound direction followed by heating of nerves. Cooled Radiofrequency differs from conventional Radiofrequency as it has water circulating through the device, needle tip and can make a larger treatment region expanding the chances of success.

The procedure in performed in 2 stages. In the initial step, diagnostic local anesthetic injections are performed near the nerves providing the knee joint. In the event that this produces pain relief from discomfort, it is beneficial to continue with cooled radiofrequency treatment. The second step that is included in putting the radiofrequency needles in similar areas followed by the cooled radiofrequency treatment.

Benefits of Cooled Radio frequency include:

  1. No prerequisite for hospital stays or continual recovery
  2. Normal activities can be continued soon after the procedure with little or no recuperation time
  3. Less pain can prompt to enhanced functionality and diminished medicine prerequisites
  4. Lasting Pain relief from discomfort and has a low complication rate

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