70-90% of people experience back pain at least once at a point in life. Back pain is one of the main causes of labor loss. It fundamentally influences the daily life activities and the social and psychological individual aspects thus finishing in inflation in the wellbeing expenses across the world.

What is Epiduroscopy treatment in Hyderabad?

Epiduroscopy treatment in Hyderabad is a new minimally invasive procedure done by the best spine specialist in Hyderabad that is utilized as a diagnostic and therapeutic instrument in cases of chronic back pain with/without radiculopathy. It empowers understanding the reason of pain, expanding the quality and quality and effectiveness of drug injection and lysis of fibrotic regions when needed.

Our aim is to assess the degree of long-term benefit of epiduroscopy in patients with refractory chronic back pain with/without radiculopathy.

Epiduroscopy is the placement of an endoscope from the tailbone into the spine to help with breaking up epidural scar tissue in the lower lumbar spine. The scar tissue is made out of fibrous bands which might be seen straightforwardly through the endoscope and broken up precisely, chemically, or even with a laser fired through the endoscope.

It has shown to be a safe, productive and future-oriented interventional endoscopic method for ordinary clinical use in diagnosing and managing pain conditions.

Dr. Prakash Gudipudi and Dr. Sudhakar Ledalla are the most proficient interventional pain physician in the city. They are specialized in relieving and managing any type of chronic pain that results from any injury or illness.

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