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A sensation which is very personal to every individual, it can range from slight pain, manageable pain to unbearable pain. The extent to which an individual can bear it completely depends on their capacity. Pain is something which cannot be compared or shared. When it comes to our musculoskeletal system, keeping in mind its intricacies and functionality, there are innumerable areas and points of pain. So how can you decide if you are suffering from a chronic pain condition and need help from best pain physician in Bhainsa ?

Chronic Pain !

When a person is suffering from a particular pain for more than 2 months, it can be defined as a chronic pain condition and it needs the intervention of chronic pain doctors in Bhainsa. It can range from months to years and intensity can fluctuate along the way. There very well could be days when chronic pain interferes drastically with your day to day activities and lifestyle. Chronic pain can even cause anxiety, depression and other mental manifestations due to the inability of a person to control this condition.

What could cause chronic pain?

The reason behind the chronic pain can range from a congenital problem, a musculoskeletal illness, onset of pain post a traumatic accident, a degenerative disorder and so on. However, the first step to treat chronic pain is to identify and pin point the root cause. Listed below are some of the most common known causes of chronic pain needing pain management in Bhainsa:

  1. Arthritis
  2. Knee Pain
  3. Joint pain
  4. Back pain
  5. Neck pain
  6. Hip pain
  7. Ankle or heel pain
  8. Migraine or other headaches
  9. Nerve pain
  10. Cancer pain
  11. Muscle pain

How can chronic pain be treated ?

The first response to anybody suffering from chronic pain is to take a pain killer but how long can this saga continue ? Intake of excess pain killers is also not a very good practise for the body. Next comes physiotherapy, which can help to a great extent. But what if this fails as well? Is surgery the only choice ? No, here enters interventional pain management, a comprehensive, advanced and simple procedures with minimal intervention which can help catch the root of the pain and stops it from affecting you. Sometimes even when a surgery fails to eliminate the cause of pain, interventional therapies can cater to this issue as well in interventional pain clinics in Bhainsa.

Common types of chronic pain

Let us dwell a little further into the most common types of chronic pain conditions which people experience and what are the options available to tackle them.

a. Arthritis Pain

As and when we hear the word arthritis, the first thing that comes into our mind is pain. Be it osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or any other kind, the main affect is always pain, swelling and discomfort. With simple intra joint injections with strong anti inflammatory conditions, it is possible to tackle the pain easily and for the long run. From corticosteroid to platelet rich plasma therapy, a lot of options are available to inject into the joint to help relieve the pain.

b. Knee Pain

One of the most common painful joints in the human body. It does not matter if you are young or old, athletic or obese, knee joint pain can make anyone’s life miserable. However, preventing it by maintaining the right body weight and doing the right exercises is always recommended. The complex structure of the knee joint having the tendons, ligaments, cartilages etc makes the source of pain vary based on the cause behind it. Sometimes it maybe due to a degenerated cartilage or sometimes due to a damaged ligament and so on. Pinpointing the source of this pain is necessary in determining the next course of action. PRP injections is a well accepted treatment plan for knee pain along with intra articulate ozone injections which help fasten the recovery of the injured or damaged part.

c. Back Pain

Upper back, middle back, lower back, every back pain has a unique story. And back pain stands tall as the leading cause of chronic pain worldwide. So what makes the back so susceptible to pain ? It is the intricate web of nerves and discs which form one of the most complex structures of the human body, the spine. Disc issues such as degeneration of disc or disc arthritis, budging of disc and so on cause immense pain and discomfort in your back. Also the nerves trapped under the enlarged or budged disc can cause the pain to radiate down the path of its course, be it the hands or legs. Various treatments options are available by spine pain specialist in Bhainsa for interventional pain management when it comes to back pain, such as spinal injections, spinal cord stimulators, radiofrequency ablation, ozone discectomy, epidural injections, etc.

d. Neck Pain

A pain which has undoubtedly taken oven the adult population due to excessive desk time and long journeys. Cervical pain and spondylosis, neck disc degeneration can cause enormous amounts of pain. There are various treatments available to help tackle this problem from its root.

e. Joint Pain

Be it hip, knee, ankle or shoulder, joint pain can affect any of the joints in the body. Excessive wear and tear as well as degeneration or other conditions can be the reason behind this. Joint pain can make day to day activities extremely difficult and painful. Getting it treated as early as possible for joint pain treatment in Bhainsa is necessary to help avoid further damage to the joint.

f. Ankle and heel Pain

A majority of the population have been suffering from ankle and heel pain. Be it every morning or evening, chronic ankle or heel pain can take a serious toll on your body. There could be many reasons causing this, such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon, bone spurs, bursitis, inflamed tendons, or other traumatic or musculoskeletal causes. PRP as well as other medicated injections can help tackle this problem.

g. Migraine

One of the most debilitating kind of pain is the migraine headache. It can last from hours to days and can completely occupy your functional capacity. Medication can only help cure migraine to an extent but treatments such as botox injections can help decrease the inflammation and prevent such severe outbreaks in the long run.

h. Nerve Pain

A kind of pain which can cause a severe pinching and tingling sensation in the body. It could be due to a nerve trapped under a bone or overall degeneration of the nerve. Trigger point injections, nerve blocks, neurolytic blocks, nerve denervation etc are few of the various interventional treatment methods to handle nerve pain.

i. Cancer Pain

Cancer treatment can cause a toll on the entire body and pain is one of its biggest side effects. With Cancer pain treatment in Bhainsa, it is possible to stop this feeling from reaching the brain by managing the nerves signalling the pain

j. PRP

Platelet rich plasma therapy, a revolution in the medical industry which essentially uses ones own blood to crate a powerful elixir, the platelet which when injected in to the injured or damaged body part, helps to fasten its healing exponentially. Right from osteoarthritis to sports injuries, labral tears to rotator cuff injuries, tennis or golfers elbow and many more, platelet rich plasma plays and immense role in helping these areas recover and regenerate at a higher pace. With zero risk of infections, PRP therapy in Bhainsa is an excellent treatment option for all age groups.

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